Rev Language Ref now available in pdf

Klaus Major kmajor at
Fri May 10 02:22:01 EDT 2002

Hi Mac-guy,

> A lista was kind enough to make available to me the converted docs in 
> html, text, and rtf format. I took the liberty of converting the 
> language reference from rtf into a pdf file. You may download it from 
> my public folder at:
> <>

The requested application was not found on this server

> The file name is "revdocs.pdf"; you'll see it listed there. It's 3.5MB 
> and is, of course, compatible with any platform that can run Acrobat 
> Reader.
> Barry
> --------------------------------------------------------
> Barry Jay Levine
> "The Mac Guy"

Any hints ;-)


Klaus Major
kmajor at

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