telnet is open socket to "xxx:23" ?

Claus Dreischer claus at
Thu May 9 09:45:01 EDT 2002


I'm fairly new to Revolution (so don't blame me for RTFMs or so ;)

I want to controll my Elsa-router via telnet.
So i do something like:

	put "" into mySocket
	open socket to mySocket

and with
	read from socket mySocket

I get the start messages from the router,
but when i try to write something to the router with:

	write "cd Other" & linefeed  to socket mySocket
	write "do Boot-system" & linefeed  to socket mySocket

(this should reboot the router) nothing happens.

A following
	read from socket mySocket for 22

gives me "cd Otherdo Boot-system" as the echo from telnet.

So, to me it looks like the <Enter-Key> after each command is not transmitted.

How can i send an <Enter> with  write to socket ?

	Claus Dreischer.

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