Recursive Directory Walker for really huge numbers of files

Sivakatirswami katir at
Thu May 9 00:45:15 EDT 2002

The scripts so far given as examples setting a directory and  recursively
digging all sub directories (.to return  a list of all files with a full
path for each one) do work, but, as soon as the number of subdirectories
rises and file counts go up... things slow down to an unworkable crawl.
 Context is: a web site mirror on a local server on the LAN with nearly
6,000 folders and files... I need to get a path listing for all those files
and then filter with "*.html" Pretty simple really...

(BBedit has batch functions, but there are serious bugs in it's search and
replace if you use grep for the find. If you try to replace really big
chunks, crazy things happen... but the same operation works just fine in

I am using Ken Ray's script, and changed the repeat to use the "for each
line" to speed it up, but it still take ages to get a path list. Anyone know
a way to make this really fast?

global gHierList,gMainFolder,gBaseLevels

on mouseUp
  put "" into gHierList
  answer folder "Pick a folder you want to walk:"
  if it = "" then exit mouseUp
  set the itemDel to "/"
  put it into gMainFolder
  put the number of items of gMainFolder into gBaseLevels
  directoryWalk gMainFolder
  put gHierList into field "result"
end mouseUp

on directoryWalk whatFolder
  set the itemDel to "/"
  set the directory to whatFolder
  put the files into temp
  filter temp with ".html"
  sort temp
  repeat for each line x in temp
    put whatFolder & "/" & x into line (the number of lines of gHierList)+1
of gHierList
  end repeat
  put the folders into tDirList
  sort tDirList
  delete line 1 of tDirList
  repeat for each line x in tDirList
    directoryWalk (whatFolder & "/" & x)
  end repeat
end directoryWalk

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