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On Monday, May 6, 2002, at 10:21 , lifepaintandpassion wrote:
> All...
> I have a button that will need to save the content of six single line 
> fields
> to a text file called "saved_prefs" in the same directory as the app. 
> When
> the user later opens that card again the openCard script will need to 
> read
> that info back in to those six fields if a text file named "saved_prefs"
> exists. Help please. Is this possible using the starter edition (e.g., 
> the
> 10 line limit -- I'd but the full version but I've been out of work 
> since
> November 9th with a family to support so food is more important right 
> now
> than software :)).


I do not use the limited version so my ideas are untested against a ten 
line limit. A couple of ways you can limit your script lines and 
accomplish the task are:

You know where the data is so no dialog is required (just a warning if 
the get fails, if it fits)
Read in the data with "get url" rather than open, read and close.
Code the six field IDs as a literal item string ("1001,1007..."etc) and 
then use a repeat loop to put the data lines into the corresponding 

See how that goes.

Another David

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