Two questions ...

lifepaintandpassion lifepaintandpassion at
Sun May 5 19:32:00 EDT 2002


I didn't follow you instructions for adding HTML and email links to
textwithin a field.

There are a number of these links in a single field. I can make a certain
word/etc a link using the style pallete but how do you code that specific
link to work? How do you specify that those words link to a web site when
you can't script individual words just the field? Does this make sense?

And does this apply to links of the mailto:yourname at as well?


I have a button that will need to save the content of six single line fields
to a text file called "saved_prefs" in the same directory as the app. When
the user later opens that card again the openCard script will need to read
that info back in to those six fields if a text file named "saved_prefs"
exists. Help please. Is this possible using the starter edition (e.g., the
10 line limit -- I'd but the full version but I've been out of work since
November 9th with a family to support so food is more important right now
than software :)).


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