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Dar Scott dsc at
Fri May 3 21:34:00 EDT 2002

On Friday, May 3, 2002, at 07:18 PM, Shao Sean wrote:

> i've noticed that when creating a TCP socket that opening and 
> closing it a
> few times in a row causes it not to work anymore..
> open
> close
> open <-- stops here most of the time

I've seen this kind of thing when the server is the same computer.  
(In that case, the connection is "established", but the Revolution 
app doesn't know and can't use it.)  I can't be sure of other cases.

Could the server have put you on a black list?

Are you sure you are closing?  Maybe you have hit the max number of 
connections for that server.

> if you wait a little between the first close and the second open, 
> it will
> sometimes re-connect..

For what I have seen with the same-computer problem, just dragging 
the window, resizing it, or even minimizing and opening it will 
"fix" it.  But not waiting.  Could we be looking at the same 

> anyone else notice this, or am i the only one
> hammering? ;-)

I was wondering the same.  I've been doing some tests on basic TCP 

> [this "feature" was noticed in my code as well as the
> 'simple server/client' available for download on the runrev website]

I'll look at that.  Or do you have a better stack for demonstrating 
what you have seen?  I have some stacks and some pointers to some 
tools, should you be interested.

> running - windows 2000 sp2

That is where I have seen problems.

It is not consistent machine to machine.

> another user has seen the same problem on macos9
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