Kurt Kaufman kurtkaufman at hotmail.com
Thu May 2 11:47:01 EDT 2002

David, Thanks for your post.  My interest in MIDI is very specific and 
limited:  I am trying to design a music compositional tool that will 
randomize a (weighted or non-weighted) series of pitches, "play" them 
back as audible MIDI events (perhaps through QT), and save the resultant 
sequence as a MIDI file.  No "live" recording is needed or desired.  It 
seems to me (although maybe I"m wrong) that most MIDI  externals are set 
up to patch MIDI data streams from one hardware or software component to 
another.  I'm interested in the static creation of MIDI files.  I have 
much to learn, with the timing element "Variable Length Quantities" 
expressed in bytes being the most confusing at this point....Most of the 
other "events" I can now recognize in the MIDI file.

Scott Raney feels I probably can do what I need using the binaryEncode 
and binaryDecode functions within RR/MC, so as to make an external 
unnecessary.  However, accessing the QT instruments directly (as opposed 
to playing back a .mid file in a player object) might be a different 


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