David Bovill david.bovill at
Thu May 2 11:19:01 EDT 2002

Thanks Dave,

digging around a bit I figured out a couple of things:

    1) You are maintaining liburl - good luck :)

    2) the httpheaders property appears to be a global property of the
engine not of liburl (set the httpheaders to CookieHeader) - liburl help
could be updated here?

    3) lastRHHeader is a custom property of liburl (put the lastRHHeaders of
stack liburl...)

> From: Dave Cragg <dcragg at>
> Date: Thu, 2 May 2002 15:55:02 +0100
> To: David Bovill <david.bovill at>,
> <use-revolution at>
> Subject: Re: Cookies
> At 9:49 am +0000 2/4/02, David Bovill wrote:
>> Has anyone managed to set Cookies with libURL?
> I've not done it, and don't know too much about the mechanism, but it
> should be possible using the httpHeaders property and the
> libUrlLastRHHeaders() function.
> libUrlLastRHHeaders() returns the headers of the reponse to the most
> recent http request. You should be able to parse out the cookie
> header from this, and store it or whatever you need to do.
> When sending a cookie from client to server, you can set the
> httpHeaders to something like:
> Cookie: $Version="1"; Customer="WILE_E_COYOTE"; $Path="/acme"
> (example from rfc 2965.  <>)
> The httpHeaders gets set to empty after each request.
> Cheers
> Dave Cragg

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