Back after a five month break ... with a cool Rev project that needs a partner :)

lifepaintandpassion lifepaintandpassion at
Thu May 2 09:56:00 EDT 2002

Hi group!

I'm returning after a five month silence that saw me move my family back to
Toronto from the San Francisco bay area. I'm also seeking a partner to help
me finish a (possibly) very lucrative shareware application built in
Revolution. Let me explain a bit ...

About eight months ago I was creating a small (four screen) application to
compliment a very popular and award winning game that's available on both PC
and Macs. The game is a ground-breaking title in its genre, hailed by
critics as breathing new life into the genre due to its approach and
gameplay, has sold more than 300,000 copies, and won numerous awards.

I emailed the three creators of the game and showed them the application I
was building and they were extremely impressed and enthusiastic about my
app. The main creator actually wanted the code/APIs etc and suggested that
the app could be part of the upcoming version 2 of the title. APIs ... :-)
**The app is a desperately needed addition to the game.**

I'm hoping someone could partner with me to finish the app. It's 90%
complete ... the interface and all graphic are done, as is the majority of
the Rev script. I need someone to ...

1. Finish the basic client chat code (so that each client will see what
others are typing (requires a simple "server" app running 24/7 on a static
IP)) ... think Gameranger if you're on a Mac.
2. Finish code that will allow a user to email a small attached text file to
someone from within the app (so email client code is needed).
3. Have access to a static IP for beta-testing purposes.
4. Have 30 minutes to an hour each day to help test the app.
5. Have access to a PC and a Mac.
6. Perhaps help implement a registration feature (a field with a
registration code that checks when connecting to the chat server that the
code in the field exists in a text file?)

As I said, the interface/design/main app is *ALL DONE* already. This thing
is all but ready to announce for beta testing and sell.

I'm suggesting a basic 50-50 profit split. The shareware price will be US$5
(or perhaps $10). The potential is audience is 300,000 people.

Anyone interested can email me at lifepaintandpassion at Please
explain your experience with Rev and confirm your ability to finish the
above-mentioned tasks.


David Janik-Jones
lifepaintandpassion at

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