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Jeanne A. E. DeVoto jeanne at
Sun Mar 31 09:53:24 EST 2002

At 4:14 PM -0800 3/29/2002, Victor Eijkhout wrote:
>I have a stack, no menu bar yet. I open Menu Manager, click New.
>The menu bar gets created as a windows-style, hanging from the bar of
>the stack window. I click "Set as menu bar on Mac OS", and suddenly
>my stack window gets shrunk, messing up my layout.
>What option did I overlook? The tutorial doesn't mention this.

Take a look at "About menus and the menu bar", under the subsection "Menu
Bars on Mac OS and OS X Systems". What's going on is that when you set a
Mac menu bar, the stack is resized and scrolled so the menu buttons don't
show (because you don't need to see the menus in the stack window if
they're displayed in the menu bar as well).

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