Evaluating Valentina in Rev

Jeanne A. E. DeVoto jeanne at runrev.com
Sun Mar 31 09:52:00 EST 2002

At 9:06 AM -0800 3/27/2002, Ben Rubinstein wrote:
>Can anyone give me some pointers towards using Valentina in Revolution
>(given that I've not used Valentina at all in any other form)?  I thought
>I'd seen an item about what was now bundled with the currentversion - but I
>can't now track it down.

The doc updates for Valentina will be in the final docs version but here's
a quick overview of connecting to a Valentina db:

revdb_connect(databaseType,[host],databaseName,[userName],[password] \

For a Valentina database, you specify "Valentina" as the databaseType and
leave the host, userName, and password empty.

For Valentina databases, the databaseName is the path to the file that
contains the database. (Note that this is a native file path for the
platform - not a Rev-normal, Unix-style file path.)

The valentinaCacheSize is the size of the database cache used for Valentina
databases. The minimum cache size is 512K. If the valentinaCacheSize is not
specified, the database cache is 3 megabytes.

The valentinaMacSerial or valentinaWindowsSerial is the serial number that
unlocks the Valentina VXCMD. (On Mac OS and OS X systems, specify a
valentinaMacSerial and leave the valentinaWindowsSerial parameter empty. On
Windows systems, specify a valentinaWindowsSerial and leave the
valentinaMacSerial empty.) If no valentinaMacSerial or
valentinaWindowsSerial is specified, the connection times out after ten
minutes (this is the demo mode).

get revdb_connect("Valentina","","::Project:MyVal.vdb","","","", \
   the serialNumber of this card,"")
get revdb_connect("Valentina","","G:\data\expense.vdb","","","","" \
   field "Valentina serial")

1.1.1rc1 has bundled a demo version of the Valentina engine. This times out
ten minutes after connecting. You can license the Valentina VXCMD from
Paradigma Software <http://www.paradigmasoft.com> and supply the serial
number, as noted above, to get rid of the timeout.

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