hierarchical menus

Pierre-Marie CARETTE CARETTE.Pierre-Marie at wanadoo.fr
Fri Mar 29 03:02:01 EST 2002

for "Ivers, Doug E"

on createPrefMenu
  -- this is called in preOpenStack
  -- create Preferences menu contents with tab in front of each font name
  --- (to make the font list a submenu)
  -- prerequisite: a button "Preferences" in group "menubar0"
put return &the fontNames into tabFontList
replace return with return & tab in tabFontList
  put "Font" & tabFontList into button "Preferences" of group
end createPrefMenu

The tabkey use and doesn't use in  field-text-properties palette.
Write the menu in a fld
paste in the text of the properties palette
et hop !  it works

Revolution is very quick. You can build your menu in a handler "moueenter".
It will be ready when the  user "mousedown".
Revolution is very very quickly (I i compare with my old Hypercard)
I even build menus in the same handler "mousedown"

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