Hi , greeting etc.

pixelbird at interisland.net pixelbird at interisland.net
Thu Mar 28 23:33:01 EST 2002

> powerful, just a shame there is no documentation, (I 
know there is on-line,
> but, nothing better than a bit of paper)
First of all, welcome, I hope this is a good experience 
for you.

I'm hotrodding an old Mac to use specifically for 
reference. It will have all the Rev docs (plus those for 
other programs, too), and I will add working examples 
as I go, so I can watch what happens, notes about 
platform compatibility (or lack thereof), etc.
> miock (I know I am a Michael, but there may be other 
michaels out there with
> prior rights to this list, so if you don't mind...)
OK. See ya later, miock.

Finest regards,
Ken N.

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