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Wed Mar 27 22:48:01 EST 2002

You need the full path to the application. For example
             launch "C:/Program Files/Microsoft Office/Office/EXCEL.EXE"
starts Excel on my computer.



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I want to start Excel from a button in a standalone on Windows. (I know
that this has been an issue before,) but I have tried every possible

on mouseUp
   launch "Acrobat Reader 5.0"
end mouseUp

on mouseUp
   open process "Acrobat Reader 5.0" for neither
end mouseUp

and the tip from Ken Ray:

> on mouseUp
>   set the hideConsoleWindows to true
>   get shell("C:\myfile.pdf")
>   answer "Thank you!"
> end mouseUp
But nothing seems to work. Every help will be very nice.


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