Comparisons with Flash MX?

Scott Rossi scott at
Wed Mar 27 14:09:01 EST 2002

On Wednesday, March 27, 2002, at 09:28  AM, Ken Ray wrote:

> Not to sway anyone from Rev, but the promise of MX is the ability to 
> run on
> all platforms (including PDAs). There is already support for Flash 5 on 
> the
> latest crop of Pocket PCs, and I know they either currently have or will
> have soon an MX player for Pocket PCs.

Not to mention menu systems of DVDs...

For me, the differentiating features between Flash and MC/REV is 
efficient animation.  If you want to develop compact polished animation 
sequences with morph effects and streaming audio/video, you'll be hard 
pressed to find anything that competes with Flash.

Also, a compelling aspect of Flash is (as Ken said) its promise of 
ubiquity.  Apparently, Macromedia is establishing partnerships with 
hardware/software developers to get Flash everywhere.  One can argue 
that Flash is not a "real" application development environment such as 
MC/REV, but you can't ignore it when MC/REV is not available for your 
delivery platform (browser, PDA, etc).


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