Comparisons with Flash MX?

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Not to sway anyone from Rev, but the promise of MX is the ability to run on
all platforms (including PDAs). There is already support for Flash 5 on the
latest crop of Pocket PCs, and I know they either currently have or will
have soon an MX player for Pocket PCs.

As soon as Rev can run as a web plugin and on a PDA, we don't need Flash
anymore... ;-)

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> Thanks for the feedback Troy, could I just ask for a bit more detail:
> >MX is very weak when it comes to system level operations and use
> >and/or management of local files. It has no ability to "talk" with
> >hardware.
> I haven't got MX yet (my upgrade is in the post!) but one of my
> customers reckons he can save local data on a client machine, not
> just return it to a server? Does this ring true with you?
> >Of course, it is useful for "Flashy" little presentations and
> >"interactives" - but NOT "programs".
> I know, I HATE all those Web sites dripping with useless Flash
> >It also continues to suffer from file size limitations. After 4-5
> >meg ... it's done.
> In what way is 4-5 meg a limit - you can't make files larger or they
> simply don't work??
> >Basically MX is Flash 5 with some fundamental productivity
> >enhancements (which should have existed all along.)
> >
> >MX is now a better tool than Flash was. It certainly does not
> >compete with Rev for overall power. The two applications are on
> >different planes. Rev builds applications. MX builds "interactives".
> >Both Director and iShell still build more powerful interactives
> >(bordering on applications) than MX does.
> >
> >At my shop, we use Rev, MX, and iShell - depending on the project
> >requirements.
> I've only used Flash 4 for animations as part of CBT packages (NOT
> for Web sites!) and not used the scripting side at all.  I tend to
> use Rev (or MetaCard in the past) for most other things.
> My client is looking to develop web-based information capture and
> advice using anything from desktops, to laptops and PDAs as the
> client.  He had been considering Java, but has been tempted by Flash
> MX.  He thinks it will provide a richly interactive front end for his
> data capture (into back end databases using XML etc.) and for
> displaying his advisor information, all from inside a browser window.
> Any additional comments/thoughts?
> Cheers
> Peter
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