Tracking user exits and returns

Jeanne A. E. DeVoto jeanne at
Tue Mar 26 03:36:44 EST 2002

At 1:27 PM -0800 3/25/2002, Michael J. Lew wrote:
>Jeanne, if you're reading, I spent a long time in the docs looking
>for this one without success. I tried the development guide, the
>dictionary and the troubleshooting section. I notice now that
>suspendStack  is not listed in the 'see also' part of closeStack
>which is one of the many places I looked. Probably it should be,
>particularly as the obverse is true.

The cross-reference is in there now, actually (that is, in my working copy
which is going into 1.1.1 final). I think this came up a week or two ago
and I added some additional cross-references then.

>While I'm on the docs (which I
>find to be generally very useful) I note that I sometimes choose the
>Dictionary from the Help menu and it takes me to the last-visited
>definition window rather than what I generally want, the window that
>lists the words and lets me filter them.

I think we've had one other request for this as well. The advantage though
to having the "Transcript Dictionary" menu item bring up the Dictionary
itself is that it's a bit faster if you want "one-stop shopping" (so to
speak): you can just type in the name of the term you want and up it comes,
without needing to open another window or go through the Dictionary page in
the main docs.

You also can set the checkbox at the bottom of the docs window if you use
the Dictionary page most - that way the Help key combos bring you straight
to the Dictionary page and you can just start typing to scroll/filter.

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