Something strange in the tutorial "The Animation Manager"

Karl Petersen karlpet at
Mon Mar 25 18:51:01 EST 2002

At 10:05 AM -0800 3/25/02, Rob Cozens wrote:
>Welcome aboard Karl,

Thanks, Rob. Good to be here.

>What have you & the eagles been up to in the post-HyperCard era?

Well it's Spring here, so we all know what the eagles have been up 
to. I'm keeping my eye on a young buck who hangs out atop a 100' 
cedar outside my office.

As for me, I've been having a whole lot of fun sitting in an iMovie 
director's chair; the most fun I've had from Apple since the first 
days of HyperCard.

But this thing I've been poking around in the last few days looks 
pretty interesting too. Glad to see some old faces here who can help 
me unwrap the package, if I need it.


* Karl Petersen
* karlpet at
* Watchin' the eagles on Bainbridge Island, WA

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