Tracking user exits and returns

Michael J. Lew michaell at
Mon Mar 25 16:29:01 EST 2002

Thank you Shao Sean, that is exactly what I wanted.

Jeanne, if you're reading, I spent a long time in the docs looking 
for this one without success. I tried the development guide, the 
dictionary and the troubleshooting section. I notice now that 
suspendStack  is not listed in the 'see also' part of closeStack 
which is one of the many places I looked. Probably it should be, 
particularly as the obverse is true. While I'm on the docs (which I 
find to be generally very useful) I note that I sometimes choose the 
Dictionary from the Help menu and it takes me to the last-visited 
definition window rather than what I generally want, the window that 
lists the words and lets me filter them.


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