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Rob Cozens rcozens at
Mon Mar 25 12:50:37 EST 2002

>ironic "...


Thanks for causing me to take a deep breath and ponder how I got from 
telling Tom

No, neither Transcript nor any other Xtalk dialect I'm aware of 
includes syntax for pointers or handles.  Some of us would like to 
see it, at least so far as is necessary to support direct system 
calls from Transcript.

to telling Dar

If there are more folks on this List interested in support for these 
features, we could jointly produce a complete list of suggested 
syntax and present it to the Xtalk List for consideration.

In retrospect, what I want is a way to handle system calls from 
within Transcript.  While I have played with pointer manipulation in 
string processing externals, my only real need for pointers & handles 
is in processing system calls.

Perhaps my (our?) focus might be better directed toward devising an 
Xtalk system call interface that doesn't let the scriptor know about 
the pointer/handle manipulation going on behind the scenes?

To be less selfish, I am will to reconsider my position yet again, IF 
someone can show me there are other things besides handling system 
calls that cannot be otherwise scripted in Xtalk without 
pointer/handle manipulation.

Rob Cozens
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