assign by reference - a comment

Rob Cozens rcozens at
Sun Mar 24 12:44:43 EST 2002

>>While I favor support for pointers, handles, etc.  that does NOT 
>>mean I support their implementation in Xtalk with cryptic @ or @@ 
>>syntax al la C.  Any support for these features should fit 
>>naturally into Xtalk: eg "get the address of someVariable" seems 
>>natural for a pointer.
>How about...
>put the id of variable oneVariable into pointerToVariable
>put the "blah blah" into variable ID pointerToVariable

Hi Dar,

If there are more folks on this List interested in support for these 
features, we could jointly produce a complete list of suggested 
syntax and present it to the Xtalk List for consideration.

I think there are many possible terms, and the more people who 
participate and offer suggestions, the more likely a viable syntax 
will emerge.

The feature I find most difficult to convert to Xtalk is data 
structure notation and reference, which, by implication, requires 
explicit variable typing.

Rob Cozens
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