datagrams & sockets

JohnRule at JohnRule at
Sat Mar 23 01:08:00 EST 2002

> Suppose you "open datagram socket" to the SNMP port 161 on your 
> router and "write" an SNMP GET datagram.  The underlying system 
> will assign you a port on your computer when you do this.  The 
> router will send an SNMP RESPONSE back to that port.  You need to 
> get that datagram.  But you don't know what port to "accept" on.

It sounds like your device is not responding (opening a port on it's side, 
and sending back the socket number it opened). I have been able to do this 
with any device that is set up to create it's own connection (server mode?).

This brings up a question I have had for a while now...can I have multiple 
ports open on the 'Rev' computer? It seems like it works, but there is quite 
a bit of contention. In other words, if I have a 'Rev' computer set up as a 
server (listening on a specific port) how many connections can it serve? Can 
I set this number?


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