SNMP Traps - can I monitor them?

Ian Summerfield iansummerfield at
Fri Mar 22 17:18:01 EST 2002

> What do you mean "No socket is opened"?  Does 162 show up in
> openSockets?
> Could you have another SNMP app running?  Try netstat or other tool
> to see.
> netstat -?
> for help
> netstat -a
> to list all

The opensockets() function shows I have other sockets open, but 162 never
gets opened.  Also no socketerror message is received,  it just doesn't do

I'm on OS X on a Mac, I keyed netstat -a into the terminal on OS X and it
gave lots of interesting stuff but nothing to indicate my port 162 was open.
I'm well out of my depth anyway.  I don't think I need to monitor traps any
more, I've just noticed my APC UPS sends datagrams every 26 seconds, but if
something important happens it sends a datagram immediately...and there's me
thinking I'd need to get a TRAP from it.  So I can program my whole system
just listening to datagrams.

My next problem is knowing if I can ping an IP number just to see whether it
exists before I try and open a separate communication channel to it?


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