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Kevin Miller kevin at
Fri Mar 22 11:24:01 EST 2002

On 22/3/02 9:41 am, Ben Rubinstein <benr_mc at> wrote:

> Given this, I am unclear whether you want to invoke the browser's Find
> facility, or do your own in Rev?
> In any case it will depend on the browser and platform.  On MacOS, most
> browsers, you can use AppleScript to get either the contents of the front
> most browser window, or at least the URL.  So given that in Rev you can
> fetch a URL anyway, either way your Rev app should be able to figure out
> what the browser is displaying, and do a find in it.  It's also trivial to
> focus on the active internet window, if by that you mean bring the browser
> window to the front.
> Scripting the browser to use it's own Find mechanism, however, is less
> likely to be possible - I've certainly not spotted this when scripting IE or
> iCab.  There might be some browsers that support this.
> On Windows you might be able to do something exotic with COM - or not.
> Failing all this, you might be able to use hacks like QuickKeys or WinBatch
> to get Rev to operate the browser's user interface.
> Whatever you do, I very much doubt if it will be possible to make a general
> solution - at best you can expect to get something that works for a
> particular browser on a particular platform.

One other solution to this - and its one we use here - is to download the
web page in Revolution then search the content.  That¹s very easy - just use
the URL commands to load the page into a variable, then search the variable.


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