transparent pixels

Dar Scott dsc at
Thu Mar 21 21:16:01 EST 2002

On Thursday, March 21, 2002, at 04:48 PM, Ken Norris wrote:
>> When I paint on a new image, those places where I don't paint are
>> transparent.
>> How does this work?
>> Does this use a color key?  The maskData?  The alphaData?  An
>> special entry into a color table?
> What exactly do you want to do? Fill with a transparent color? Checkout
> the Ink commands.

Mostly, I'm running wild in the candy store.

Here is something specific.  I don't have anything better than 
AppleWorks for paint.  I noticed that in Revolution I can scale 
images by dragging.  But if I make them smaller they get a halo 
about them when they are over color.  It seems the edges are 
softened to white rather than transparent.

And...  Scaling doesn't seem to lose information.  If I make my 
images big and then scale them smaller, do I still use all the 
memory of a big image?

So...  I thought that I'd make a little editor that softens edges 
with transparent when scaled down.  (If something already does 
this, it is OK to tell me.)  To make it easier, scaling is 1/2, 
1/3, or 1/4 and a new image is created.  Later, I might want to 
make some transparent highlights such as LED glare.

This is just to get familiar with features and other aspects of 
Revolution; this is no critical project.

Dar Scott

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