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Wed Mar 20 21:47:00 EST 2002

Dar Scott <dsc at swcp.com> wrote:

> But what if stack a also has an image with id 1001?  Or does 
> something happen that makes sure this is not the case?

The first image the engine finds with the correctly numbered ID is the
one that will be used. In most cases, that is the one on the current
card, or in the current stack. If it doesn't exist in any of those
places, the engine will look for an image with the right ID in any
substacks. If it doesn't exist in any of those, any stacks in use are
searched for a matching ID.

Images don't need to be stored in the stacks though. They can be
referenced from disk by setting any image object to a filename. Then you
can use the image object's ID as an icon in the same way as imported
images. But in the case of icons, which are usually very small, they are
almost always imported directly into the stack, and generally hidden.

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