Shao Sean shaosean at unitz.ca
Wed Mar 20 15:50:00 EST 2002

if you're refering to icons as the images on buttons, they're just images..

if you use any of the built-in icons, you will have to make sure that you
include them when you "build" your application/file (default is to not
include them)..
this is okay if you use a lot of the built-in icons, but not very efficient
if you just use one or two of them..
if you're just using one or two from the built-in icons, under the
"development" menu select "image library", select the icon/image you want
and click "insert image into stack".. this will move the image into your

if you have icons/images made from another program, just import them..

icons/images are displayed if they can be found on any of the open stacks
(so say the docs) so you have a few different ways of handling how to store

1. place the icons/images on the card to be used on, and turn them invisible

2. create a card in the current stack to hold all of your icons/images

3. create a sub-stack that holds all of your resources, just make sure to
"start using" that stack otherwise they won't display ;-)

> Or are images automatically shared?
if you assign three buttons with the same icon (based on id) then they share
that icon (there's only one copy being reference)

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