Ah, I see what's happening (was quadra system bloat)

Ken Norris pixelbird at interisland.net
Wed Mar 20 00:15:01 EST 2002

on 3/19/02 3:49 PM, Martin Baxter at martin at atwork.bdx.co.uk wrote:

> Do you see what I'm saying now Ken ?
Yeah, I do now. I'm not always cognitive about exactly how things are
supposed to work, but thanks to folks like you, I am learning.

Reading Scott Raney's explanation may help us understand, but it certainly
isn't the way I'm used to seeing Mac apps work, and it won't make the
average 68k Mac work any better for developing in Rev. Actually, the color
68k machine I have that can have the most memory (128 mb) is also the oldest
I have: a Mac IIci. I'm gonna hotrod the crap out of it, see what I can make
it do, just for kicks. Got lotsa stuff lined up for it.

I like the idea of a cross-platform RAD environment like MC/Rev, especially
with Rev's extensive UI, but it has to cover a _lot_ of ground. At the
present, I'm just reading the list and playing with some of the things I
want to do. Being able to fully script images still amazes me.

But, I personally won't do any extensive work until I get machines I know
can handle it. 

FWIW, one of my goals is to have a complete set of working docs (needs the
MC engine, but little else) in a dedicated 'reference' computer, which is
what I may use the Quadra for. That way, I can access anything in the docs
without 'hiding' my work. I can test scripts without having to toggle back
and forth between my work stack and the docs stacks.

All the best,
Ken N.

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