Ah, I see what's happening (was quadra system bloat)

Yates, Glen JAMES.G.YATES at saic.com
Tue Mar 19 14:32:01 EST 2002

Huh?, Where an application is installed has no bearing on whether the app
uses memory in its own space or in the system heap. It's all controlled by
how the app allocates memory. If indeed Rev allocates memory from the system
heap, then to optimize memory usage on a low memory mac, you should decrease
the applications memory partition from the "Get Info" window. That will
leave more memory available for the system heap to grow into.

-Glen Yates

> I would think you're right, but I'm not sure. It certainly 
> shouldn't install
> itself into the system folder at all, but on the desktop 
> (that's where mine
> went). Did you copy it from another computer, or DL it from 
> the website?
> Actually, it shouldn't matter. It should have ended up in a 
> folder on the
> desktop. If that's where it is, though, and it starts using 
> sys memory when
> it launches, it must be corrupted somehow.

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