Am I the only one? (wasRe: Something strange... )

Dar Scott dsc at
Tue Mar 19 13:30:01 EST 2002

On Sunday, March 17, 2002, at 01:38 PM, Alexander Liden wrote:
> I have still another question. Is Revolution version 1.1 (or 1.1.1) a
> stable product. Many times I get errors from Revolution even when I'm
> doing exactly by the manual. It's all right to have birth trouble, 
> every
> new product has it, but I would like to know if other people experience
> the unstability of Revolution or am I the only one.

You are not alone.  I am new to Revolution and I have had trouble 
with the "unstability of Revolution."

Of course, some of the time I have probably inadvertently said, 
"Revolution, please lock up."  However, some crashes are not mine.  
And little querks are not mine.

You are right about "birth trouble".  Revolution is 
multidimensional as far as development goes and growth on one front 
can affect another.

Circumstances have trained the experienced user to certain 
methods.  Newbies like us play an important role; we naively try 
things different ways; more than trying things, we click on cards 
or buttons in a weird order and strange things happen.  Bugs that 
an experienced user will never find we find.

My strategy is to watch the Revolution discussion lists while 
learning Revolution.

There is a story about a Baptist preacher, a priest and a rabbi who 
went fishing at a small pond.  At one point the priest stood up and 
said he was going to try the other side.  He walked across the 
surface of the pond to the other side and dropped his line into the 
pond.  A moment later the rabbi said he would do the same.  And he 
did.  The preacher stood there with his eyes open wide and then 
decided if they could do it, he could.  With one step he fell into 
the pond.  The priest turned to the rabbi and said, "Do you think 
we should have told him where the stones are?"

Well, I, for one, appreciate those on this list letting us know 
where the stones are.

Dar Scott
Revolution Newbie

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