Changing the list of values of an option menu at runtime

Klaus Major k_major at
Mon Mar 18 16:15:02 EST 2002

Buona sera Giulio,

> I'm looking at the list of properties of a button that has 'option' as
> style, but i can't find the list of values it can have (the list i 
> write on
> the property stack on the field "Create button menu with contents:")
> So i can't figure how can I read the values or change them on the fly, 
> for
> example using values from a database table

this is again too obvious ;-)

get btn "name of your btn"

so you have the content of your button in it..

put "questi" & CR & "cazzi" & CR "di" & CR "piggione" into btn "name of 
your btn"

now you have a new (and obscene ;-) button content.

> Any idea?
> Regards,
>      Giulio

Hope this helps.


Klaus Major
k_major at

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