Editing buttons (fields, ... ) in browse mode

yves COPPE yvescoppe at skynet.be
Sun Mar 17 11:02:00 EST 2002

>Ok, with Option-Command I can open the script of a button while I'm 
>in browse mode. But why doesn't hte properties box show me the other 
>properties, such as the custom properties. I can edit the custom 
>properties of a stack while in browse mode. What do I need to do to 
>edit the properties of a button while in browse mode?
>Victor Eijkhout <eijkhout at cs.utk.edu>
>tel: 865 974 9308 (W), 865 673 6998 (H), 865 974 8296 (F)

Try control clic on the object, a pop up menu gives you access to the 


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