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Sun Mar 17 06:19:01 EST 2002

(Sorry, late reply I just discovered in my out box.)

At 2:38 AM -0800 2/28/2002, Wolfgang M. Bereuter wrote:
>> We do have archives.  You can browse them online or download them and search
>> them.  Online search is something we will do soon.
>Thanks, thats great, but why it was so hidden until nor or I have missed the
>info about it?

It's in the header of each list message:
List-Archive: <>

(if your mailer is configured to suppress headers you might not have seen it).

Also, there is a link on the main mailing-lists page on the web site. I'm
not sure how else we might advertise it?

>I dont know the solution behind this archive, but would it be much more work
>to go back, let´s say, until 1.1.2000 ?

We switched to new mailing-list software at the start of November, and the
software we were using before then doesn't archive automatically.

However, I do have a personal archive of messages between Jul 7 2001 (when
the lists started) and the end of October, for both lists. I'm not sure
about putting it into the web interface - suspect it's too much work - but
if people would find the material useful, possibly I could upload it as an

(Just for comparison, there have been about 3500 messages on
improve-revolution and use-revolution between November and now; there were
about 1500 total between July and November.)

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