visuals and GO or show.

Zac Elston zelston at
Fri Mar 15 16:42:00 EST 2002

> >How do I get a (push left) to occur within a handler after I used a (push
> >right) in the previous handler?
> It should happen the next time you switch cards after issuing the "visual
> effect" command.
> If it's not happening when you switch cards, is it possible the lockScreen
> is true?

 clearly, I must be doing something incorrect.

1 stack, 3 cards, 2 buttons (next and back)
next button reads

on mouseup
unlock screen
go to next card visual push left
end mouseup

this does a 'go to next card" with no visual on the first click, then does a
push for each subsequent go to.

If I click the back button which is
go to previous card visual push right, the first instance of a visual is
always the previous visual (from the next button).

The Visual is then used in any other handler that is called next (like
opening the Dictionary or object props.)

maybe it's a function of GO, because using show object visual works fine.

related problem.
on preopencard
    hide all items
    show first item
end preopencard

go to next card
first item shows, then all other items hide.

must be something simple here that I'm not seeing


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