What's your vector, Victor?

Sarah Reichelt sarahr at genesearch.com.au
Thu Mar 14 21:52:01 EST 2002

I think you need the "do" command. Read in your file as you are doing and
then use a loop to step through the file "doing" each line.

I'm not sure if you could just "do" the whole file without the loop but that
would be worth testing.

    -- file has been read & put into a variable called 'myFileData'
    do myFileData


    repeat for each line L in myFileData
        do L
    end repeat


P.S. Your test message was still in HTML :-(

> What I would now like to do is create a file with a slew of "Revolution"
> instructions for resizing and drawing and resizing a stack.  I have
> successfully created this file and created a button for locating the file and
> reading it in, but I have no idea how to actually get Revolution to execute
> the commands.  The commands are something like this:
> --set the height and width of the stack
> set the height of this stack to 612
> set the width of this stack to 792
> --graphic 1 
> create graphic "graphic1"
> set the height of graphic "graphic1" to 1
> set the width of graphic "graphic1" to 792
> move graphic "graphic1" to 1,10
> Cutting and pasting the text of the script seems very inelegant to me and I
> want it to basically be able to read this file one line at a time executing
> each command in turn....
> Thanks as always!
> - Greg 

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