What's your vector, Victor?

Greg Saylor GSaylor at ATP.com
Thu Mar 14 20:42:01 EST 2002


I am attempting to place a background on a page which is intended for
printing.  As a raster image, ths size of this graphic (at 300 dpi) seems to
be too much for Eevolution to handle.  In addition, since there does seem to
be any way of "scaling" the development environment windows, manipulating a
window which contains such an image seems very difficult.

As a result of this (please correct me if any of my above statements are
incorrect), I have decided to instead use vector-based graphics for the
background.    So I began using the drawing tools inside of Revolution to
design my background and this worked fine, it printed out nicely and
everything is coming along nicely.

However, I am no artist and the existing graphics are already in a
vector-based format.  At first I was going to write the parser for one of
these vector formats inside of Revolution itself, but then I realized that
this would be overkill.

What I would now like to do is create a file with a slew of "Revolution"
instructions for resizing and drawing and resizing a stack.  I have
successfully created this file and created a button for locating the file
and reading it in, but I have no idea how to actually get Revolution to
execute the commands.  The commands are something like this:

--set the height and width of the stack
set the height of this stack to 612
set the width of this stack to 792
--graphic 1
create graphic "graphic1"
set the height of graphic "graphic1" to 1
set the width of graphic "graphic1" to 792
move graphic "graphic1" to 1,10

Cutting and pasting the text of the script seems very inelegant to me and I
want it to basically be able to read this file one line at a time executing
each command in turn....

Thanks as always!

- Greg
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