sound recording on windoze

cowhead cowhead at
Thu Mar 14 01:51:01 EST 2002

I heard that something about this was supposedly corrected in the "build
8" of the metacard engine (I think you can type "put the build number"
in the message box to get this number).
However, on a Mac anyway, there are still massive problems.  In my
experience, you will have much better luck recording "with dialog"
option.  In the absence of dialog, there seems to be a bug in specifying
I noticed that the rev docs indicate that recording is performed via
Quicktime.  So I wonder if a quicktime update or compatability check
might not also effect recording.

For example, I often run on a Japanese OS, containing Japanese quicktime
by default.  Quicktime visual effects invoked by rev will not function
in this environment unless you change their names to the Japanese
equivalents.  I'm wondering if the same issue might not be occuring with
the 'record sound file' command.

good luck,
mark mitchell

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