Popup Menu

Dan Friedman dan at clearvisiontech.com
Thu Mar 14 00:50:00 EST 2002

Hello again,

I am trying to create some right-click menus.  I'm getting the menu to popup
just fine.  On the Mac, everything works great! However, on the PC, once the
menu is popped up, the menu doesn't seem to work.  I have the style of the
button set to "popup" and the mouseMenuButton set to 0.  I am calling it

on mouseDown theButton
  if theButton = 3 then
     popup button "myPopupMenu"
  end if
end mouseDown

In the button "myPopupMenu", I am using standard menuPick calls.  I tried to
break at the menuPick in my popup button, but it seems like it never get's
the menuPick message.

Anyone know why the menu seems to be unresponsive?

Thank you.

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