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Cool App and idea!  So I assume you grab the frame and use it in the 
email, is that right or ar you sending the whole movie? Can I copy the 
frame and put it into another container so that it is visible within the 

On Wednesday, March 13, 2002, at 06:05 PM, sims wrote:

> At 9:37 -0600 3/13/02, Judi Smith wrote:
>> Issue 2: Can I control a movie and extract a particular frame of 
>> QuickTime video - export to say a JPEG file and put that resulting 
>> image into a container- from within Revolution.
> Hi Judi,
> Have a look at my app named Kartolina:
> http://EZPZapps.com/kartolina
> Made with Rev...I took a look at  awana.org, very impressive!
> I live in Malta and met a woman on the bus here (she was from Canada)
> who is doing drug prevention work in the schools for a few months.
> The awana web page made me think of her...
> atb
> sims
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