Scanning machines on a network

Sarah Reichelt sarahr at
Tue Mar 12 18:05:01 EST 2002

There has been an alternative approach suggested:

    put hostnametoaddress(hostName()) into myIP

but I found this didn't give any result as my hostName() is always empty.
This may be because I am running on a LAN with a single IP address but
multiple local addresses.

I too worried about the etiquette of connecting to an external server but I
don't do it often and I spread the queries around several sites.


> I haven't tried this on a multi-homed system, but it looks to me
> that this approach allows implementers to account for a system with
> multiple IP addresses.  This is a plus!
> I realize that this might be the best that can be done with
> Revolution.  However, there are a few things about this that bother
> me:
> 1.
> Some computers are not on the Internet, but are on some local
> network.  Using some known internet site would not work.
> 2.
> This depends on some known Internet site being up and the
> connection to the Internet is up.
> 3.
> I'm not sure what to think about the manners of connecting to
> "".  Hmmm.  ;-)  Maybe the first line the the example
> handler could be changed to this:
> put line 1 of hostnametoaddress("")& ":80|testSocket" \
> into testSock
> I've thought about connecting to the local computer (in the same
> app) and then using hostAddress and peerAddress on both ends; maybe
> one of those four will work.  I suspect not, but I'm so new to
> Revolution, I wouldn't be surprised if one does work.
> I _have_ tried opening with UDP which always succeeds, but
> hostAddress returns in that case.  (I'm using OS X.)
> So...  Anybody have another method?
> Dar Scott
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