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Tue Mar 12 05:32:01 EST 2002

on 12/3/02 1:52 AM, JamesHBeckmann at at JamesHBeckmann at wrote:

> Is Revolution capable of program linking,  is there a "answer program"
> command, that works on Macs.  Obviously wouldn't between PC and Mac as they
> don't like each other.

Yes, No, and No (but not because they don't like each other) - in that

Yes Revolution can do program linking on the Mac - on the Mac this is done
through AppleScript.

No, there isn't an answer program command - it's needed, and has been
requested - I don't know if Rev/MC have put it anywhere on the to-do list
though.  If you just want to link to a program on the same Mac, you can get
a list of the processes, and present this list to the user - bit clumsy but
it works; but if you want the user to be able to select a program running on
another Mac, you're stuck.

No it wouldn't work between PC and Mac; but only because they have two
different systems.  On the Mac you use AppleScript for program linking; on
Windows you use COM, or possibly DDE/OLE.  I don't know to what extent
Revolution supports any of this.
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