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Sat Mar 9 17:26:01 EST 2002

On Sunday, March 10, 2002, at 02:01 , Jim Hurley wrote:

> I have a list of variables, say "x,y,z"
> I would like to set each of these equal to zero. If I were to use the 
> following:
> put "x,y,z" into tList
> repeat with i = 1 to 3
> put 0 into item i of tList
> end repeat
> This would of course replace the list x,y,z by 0,0,0 and not achieve my 
> objective.
> Instead I want x,y, and z to take on the values 0. I've tried quotes 
> and value() without success. My actual list is very long and it would 
> be awkward to
> put 0 into x
> put 0 into y
> put 0 into z
> Any thoughts on an efficient way of assigning values to variables 
> within a list?


I assume you need to re-initialise the variables in your program, or 
else you could simply declare them as
local x,y,z etc
in which case they initialise to empty/zero.

One method that saves a lot of coding is to keep these variables in an 
array, so you initialise them with
repeat with i = 1 to howeverManyVars
   put 0 into x[i]
end repeat
and use them as x[1], x[2] rather than x, y etc.

> Thanks,
> Jim Hurley
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