Write to socket on Mac

JohnRule at aol.com JohnRule at aol.com
Sat Mar 9 14:38:01 EST 2002

Is there a big timing difference between writing to a socket on a PC and Mac? 
I am having some problems using a stack I created on Windows...it works 
perfectly on my PCs (98SE) but my Macs (OS 9.1 - OS 8.6) behave much 

I am sending a small string severy 250 milliseconds (first I make sure the 
socket is open of course), and I have narrowed it down to something specific 
on the Mac platform. It is the 'write to socket' that is taking at least 1 
second to complete...there is obviously some contention there, and I was 
wondering if anyone knows what this is?

In my troubleshooting, I pressed and held the 'Command-period' combination to 
stop my handler on the Mac (it was so sluggish), and I noticed that as I held 
the keys down, it started working! It was like I was cancelling whatever was 
causing the contention, but letting the script execute anyway. Can anyone 
explain this?

Thank you,
John Rule

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