Can I edit button scripts in browse mode?

Victor Eijkhout eijkhout at
Fri Mar 8 16:22:01 EST 2002

If RunRev is in browse mode, you can still hit command-K to get to 
the stack script. However, for reasons that I don't get (hint: 
explain it to me, please) the popup there gives me only the stack 
scripts. To get to a popup list of button (field...) scripts I need 
to go out of browse mode, click a button, blah blah. (And the list of 
button &c scripts does not list the stack scripts. Why?)

I would like to edit button scripts in browse mode without having to 
click 500 objects. Is that possible?

If not, is there a reason for this?
Victor Eijkhout <eijkhout at>
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