ODBC & Rev on a Mac

OkayActivist Kemetian okpkemetian at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 6 03:57:00 EST 2002

I am trying to use the database manager to connect to
a Filemaker Pro 5.5. database on Mac OS 9.2.  With it
comes the ODBC control panel 3.51.  when i try to make
the connection in Rev's DB Manager i get the following

"[MERANT][Macintosh ODBC Driver Manager] Data source
name not found and no default driver specified."

i suspect that i have not configured it correctly. i
set the sharing options for the db itself as FM Pro
suggests in its help, but i do not see anywhere in the
control panel that lets you specify the particular
file you are wanting to associate the connection with.
i've given it a name in the User DSN tab. i am
accustomed to using the one in windows to connect to
an access db but this has me stumped. 

i simply want to be able to add data to fields and
retrieve the data from the Filemaker Pro db using Rev.
i've looked at the help in the database manager to no
avail and the vb/rev comparison eg app is developed on

any help is greatly appreciated.

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