Time Field (Please Help)

Ken Norris pixelbird at interisland.net
Tue Mar 5 23:54:00 EST 2002

on 3/5/02 8:32 PM, Geoff Canyon at gcanyon at inspiredlogic.com wrote:

> regarding menus:
> At 3:55 PM -0800 3/5/02, Ken Norris (dialup) wrote:
>> Maybe in Rev, you can delete it, though, since they're just, ultimately,
>> buttons. Is this true?
> (On Mac OS <X) If you don't supply a menu bar, you'll end up with an Apple
> menu and a Help menu. No File or Edit. Note this is when you are running in a
> standalone, or without the development environment (by double-clicking a stack
> before opening Rev). If you're talking about deleting menus in the development
> environment, it probably isn't a good idea.
No, no, I agree. Not unless you're altering the GUI.

I was thinking about the simplicity of just using the menubar clock by
leaving the menu on screen, but disabled/blank (except the clock), if there
was a user issue with it. Why go through the contortions of trying to keep
it updated in a field if you don't have to?

Best regards,
Ken N.

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