scrolling Fields

Ian Summerfield iansummerfield at
Tue Mar 5 13:19:01 EST 2002

On 4/3/02 6:41 pm, "Scott Rossi" <scott at> scribed:

> On Monday, March 4, 2002, at 09:24  AM, Stgecft at wrote:
>> I'd like to scroll 3 fields side by side (the look of a table-3
>> columns).
>> How do I get them to scroll together?
> Group the fields and use a separate scrollbar object to scroll the
> group.  Lock the group to keep its size from changing.
> Regards,

Are you saying to make the fields normal rectangles, ones that don't scroll
but are big enough to show all the data, then scroll them within the group?
Or am I missing something clever that would make a group scroll of three
scrolling fields in sync?

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