Debugging on MacOS 7.5

Ted tedl at
Tue Mar 5 12:21:01 EST 2002

Dan Freidman wrote to the Use list:

>> I am having reports of my REV application crashing on startUp on MacOS 7.5.

Scott Rossi replied:

>If you can determine this, check the underlying version of MetaCard.
>MetaCard 2.3 and earlier should run on MacOS 7.6 and earlier, but the latest
>versions of MC won't work.

According to the RunRev Web Site information on supported platforms:

"Revolution supports these platforms for both development and deployment:

Mac OS 7.1 and later..."

Scott, if you have noted that any version of Revolution is not working on
MacOS 7.6 and earlier, please add some specifics on the Improve list.



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