Quicktime versus Animation Manager (No subject)

Troy Rollins troy at rpsystems.net
Mon Mar 4 11:44:01 EST 2002

On Monday, March 4, 2002, at 08:34 AM, Tim Chambers wrote:

>  A few GIFS of manipulated clip art and words broken into syllables 
> with sound as they display on the screen.

Sorry Tim, I'm still a bit confused as to where we are trying to help 
you go. You want to time gifs to audio? You have QuickTimes or the means 
to make them which already have the audio timed against the images?

Taking a guess, it sounds as though you have a desire to time visuals to 
audio. I would recommend and external package to create QuickTimes 
(iMovie or QuickTime player pro will do this.) Then you bring your 
QuickTime into a QuickTime player control object - from there you can 
use script to display the player when you want, and trigger the play 
events when you want.

Are we getting there?


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