Stack opening problem

Sarah Reichelt sarahr at
Sun Mar 3 19:32:01 EST 2002

When using the development environment, I've found that the openStack
handler doesn't always run. If you are using the browse tool when the stack
is opened, then it seems to be OK, but if you using the pointer tool, then
openStack won't happen.

It will work OK when you build your application, but while developing, you
may need to work around it by typing "openStack" in the message box.

I'm not sure about preOpenStack.

Apart from that 
    go to stack "Whatever" in a new window
should work fine.


> I haven't looked all too detailed into it, but I can't be online during
> the week, so I ask this now nonetheless:
> When my stack opens, I want it to show more then one Window, and, I want
> also to do some stuff during the opening of my stack.
> To me it seems that the mainstack always gets opened, but nothing else.
> (Note also that my stack will soon become my application, so saving
> anything anywhere isn't an option)
> I did some tests with "on openStack" and "on openCard" but was unable to
> get any other window opened using those.
> I suspect there to be a hidden setting somewhere, but haven't found
> anything in the documentation, the properties of cards and stacks, or
> the application compiler assistent.
> Does anyone have experience with opening stacks during the opening of
> the application?
> hope others can use that info too
> Björnke von Gierke

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